Monthly Archives: June 2014


Life owes you nothing. Your failures are yours just like your success. What you have and get are the result of your efforts. Others owes you nothing. Use force to take ownership of what others got by working is unacceptable. Use force to take ownership of the possessions of others without their consent is only possible when placing you in a position of superiority. Puting yourself in a position of superiority, shows us that you do not believe in equality.

You do not have rights. You have in your possession arms, a phone, but you do not have in your possession gravity. Rights are a concept that you accept or decline. Just like gravity, which is a concept that you join or not.

You must earn the respect and love of others for getting help. Not by force, fear, violence. but respecting, loving and helping others yourself.

It is only in the respect, love and support that we’ll get a civilized society. Not with police arm, laws, prisons …

Those who are incapable of respect, love and support are those who need it most … A weapon, a law or prison will not cure the lack of respect, love and support they so desperately need.

And this is possible only by example …