Is Sense8 all about LGBT? Does it need to be Renew?

(sorry, I’m not good at writing and english is my second language)
In the last few days I saw a lot of debates and discussion about Sense8, especially from the LGBT community. People are wondering if it is too much GAY, and if it is the reason it was cancelled?
The answer to this question lies in the main theme introduction of the show. You can see it here :

Sense8 is about the diversity of the human experience. Here’s why…
Sense8 introduces us 8 main characters representing in their own way one of many facets of the human experience. They all have allies, ennemis and supporting characters surrounding them. That diversity make it easy for us to relate to one character more than another. Like them we are in some way the main character in our own story, we have allies, ennemis and supporting characters surrounding us. The fact that we are not that different from them make us believe that we are part of the story and cloud our judgement.
Like many others, I fall for it. Like Nomi’s character, I’m a transgender/transsexual woman, a lesbian, a geek. I also had my differences with the LGBTQ community in the past. My mother took my transition really hard, my father defended me at some point. I’m also an “anarchist”… Like Nomi said : “Your life is defined by the system or by how you defy the system”.
And her different speeches talked to me.
Pride (I’m just not a me, I’m also a we!) :

The way we are (“There’s a huge difference between what we work for and what we live for.”, “The real violence, the violence I realized was unforgivable, is the violence that we do to ourselves, when we’re too afraid to be who we really are.”) :

Family :

Why I loved those speeches? Because I personally experienced most of what she’s talking about, I’m feeling in me her emotions.
For once I can relate to a character on the screen. For once we have a strong and independent trans woman on the screen. Not a clown and/or loser. She’s treated the same way as everybody else in the show. It is a refreshing portrayal, and we have to thank the Wachowski sisters for that : “Unhappy with the trans women’s portrayal in media, the Wachowski sisters demand of the world, Know me(Nomi)!”
I instantly fell in love with this character(even if I’m still looking for my Amanita) and because of that I was completely forgetting the Kala/Wolfgang story, the Riley/Will story, the Lito/Hernando story, etc. My personal view of the world was preventing me from seeing what was happening to everybody else in the story.
So, is Sense8 is LGBTQ inclusive? Yes
Is Sense8 is more than that? Yes
The show is about the diversity of the human experience and the loss of the connection with the humanity in all of us. The connection between the Sense8 characters is a message and this message is telling us to rebuild our connection with humanity. As Nomi’s says “Labels are the opposite of understanding” and Capheus/Sun said : “What does courage have to do with the colour of a man’s skin?”. Human beings today use labels, lots of labels and by using those we are dividing ourselves from one another. We use politics, nationalism, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation to divide people. And as a consequence we are losing our connection with humanity, with others. We should not use more than one label, because it is unrealistic to have one for all possible human experience. There’s as many possibility as they are humans on earth. We can’t have a label for each one of us. We can’t even have a unique name for ourselves.
Yes, there are a lot of sex scenes in the show, but sex is part of the human experience. Yes, there’s a lot of violence and bad language in the show, and again, it’s part of the human experience. You’re not helping anyone by being offended by this. If you want to live a peaceful life and help others you’ll have to get over these preconceived ideas.
Yes, there is a lot of connection with the LGBTQ community in Sense8. And there’s a simple reason for that, it’s because being part of the LGBTQ community is another facet of the human experience and this facet is as valid as any other ones. What’s Sense8 is showing us is only the tip of the iceberg of what it can be.
At some point LGBTQ(xxx) will needs to become irrelevant… Because labels are the opposite of understanding.
Some right-wing religious people and even some libertarians might say that this show is full of leftist, liberal propaganda. I’m sorry to disappoint you, I myself am an anarchist and I’m telling you, you completely miss the point of this show. If there’s something Sense8 isn’t, it’s propaganda from the left or anything like that. Sense8 takes everything good from any ideology and mashed it together. It transcends politics, nationalism, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and that’s why that serie is hard sell. It’s a shock for a lot of people. Everyone can find reason to hate the show and fault the ideology on others. And everyone can find reasons to love it also. It’s all a question of how you look at it and where you’re coming from as an individual. Stop using labels. As a species, as a civilization those labels are hurting more than they helping.
So, if labels are the opposite of understanding…. Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?
“Who am I?
Do you mean where I’m from? What I one day might become? What I do? What I’ve done? What I dream? Do you mean what you see? or I’ve seen? What I fear or what I dream? Do you mean who I love? What I’ve lost?
Who am I?
I guess who I am is who you are. Not better than. Not less than. Because there’s no one who has been or will ever be exactly the same as either you, or me.”

So who am I? The answer, a human being with my view of the world… Like everybody else.
Sadly Sense8 is underrated, misunderstood and easily ignore and push on the side…
Sense8 is more than a TV show… It’s a philosophy, and message of hope and love that needs and happy ending.  #BringBackSense8 #RenewSense8
What’s Up – Sense8 :

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    For English being your second language you did a wonderful job expressing what the show meant to you in a clear and concise way. thank you for putting in all the effort! Great read!

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