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Trangender reality

That’s a funny but true testament of the transgender relaity.

Except the part when he talks about he army. No one shoud enroll in the army, I’m against all violence, but still people should have the right to decide for themself.

And also, for me it’s not a civil right issue, it’s a question of repect and logic. Stop accusing people for crime they didn’t commit…

But I’m also realitic, The majority need to be told what’s wrong or right and that’s why, sadly for them it’s a question of civil right issue.

Be yourself!

We all have a different story. We are all moving at our own pace. We all have different needs and desires that are no more or less important than those of others.

One thing is certain; we all, LGBT, Cis, heterosexual and others, seek happiness.

The only way to be true to ourselves is to respect ourselves, know who we are and to show it openly no matter what people might say or think. You don’t need to be defined, or labeled, or have membership in a specific group when you know who you are. You certainly do not need the approval of others to know that you are right – be confident in yourself.

You’re the only person who holds your truth. It is yours to live.

Do not forget above all; Happiness is not something that is found, but a reward for your efforts.

Me; It’s a matter of time and it will happen.
Me; I’m who I am and everything else doesn’t matter.