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Tutorial 01 – Preparing Virtualbox for Debian 8.1 installation


In this first tutorial, I‘ll show you how I configure a virtual machine with VirtualBox to install Debain 8.1.

To install VirtualBox => https://www.virtualbox.org/

To download the ISO file of your choice Debain here => https://www.debian.org/distrib/

I advise the image “netinst” for 64-bit PC.

Creation of the new Virtual Machine

After starting the application you should have the following window in front of you :


Click theNew” button, give it a name and select the type “Linux” and the version Debian” corresponding to your ISO file. Afterwards click “Next”.


Adjust the memory size to 1024MB, click “Next”.


Choose to create a virtual hard disk for our new installation. Click “Create”.


Choose the default format of VDI virtualbox. You can choose a different format that would be compatible with other virtualization solutions.  Other formats are useless for now, we will not transfer our virtual machine. Click “Next”.